For adventure enthusiasts, Kamshet is the place to be! There are various adventure activities in Kamshet.

  • Paragliding

    Kamshet is one of the two main paragliding spots in Maharashtra. The season for paragliding in Kamshet is generally from October to end of May. The main flying sites are Tower Hill with east and west take off, which is frequently used from October to January and Shelar for west wind, which normally comes in regularly from January/February onwords. Several paragliding schools are located in or around Kamshet and offer training or tandem flights.
  • Trekking

    Jamboli is the last village before Kondeshwar Temple, if you leave Kamshet through Nane Road. From Jamboli you can trek to the waterfall at Kondeshwar Temple and further along the drop of the ghats. Trekking to Kondeshwar Temple is entry level trekking, mostly flat, but the following route along the ghats needs a bit of practice and stamina. Proper footware is advised. Guides can be found locally if necessary. While trekking please keep nature clean and take non disposable garbage back to Kamshet or your guesthouse.
  • Lakes

    Vadivali Lake is one of the larger lakes in the area, at an altitude of 2200 ft above MSL. It is an artificially created lake due to the backwaters of the Uksan Dam. From Kamshet to Vadival Lake it is about 12 km through Nane Road. You can enter the lake either north from Uksan Road or south from Jamboli Road. On both sides of the lake you find guest houses that offer access to the lake, or with a bit of walking some free access to the lake. Also here, please keep your environment clean and don't leave any garbage behind.
  • Raikar Farm

    Raikar Farm offers a look into the Garden of India. A guesthouse and a dairy farm, home of many plants and trees. Be sure to come around 4:30 pm when you can buy milk directly from the dairy. If you ask you can watch your milk coming out from the real source. A nice place to take your child to watch and learn.

Besides, there are opportunities for fishing, angling, swimming and boating, as there are many lakes in and around Kamshet. Or if lethargy strikes, just lie back in a hammock or by the lake at Kamshet and immerse yourself in a good book.